Wedding in the Gardens

Weddings are usually held in Ledebour Garden with sala terrena and Gallery – a luxurious historical interior with crystal chandeliers and rich stucco decorations. This area is newly reconstructed.
Another wedding sites are Great Palffy garden and Small Fürstenberg garden with Gloriet. In case of small wedding you can choose any other terrace. 


Ledebour garden with palace Gallery and sala terrena

Roughly one half of the Ledebour garden (880 m2) is covered with a lawn which is easily accessible. There are also holes for mounting 256 seats that can be facing either salla terrena, or a two-armed staircase with Hercules statue or even facing each other across the main axis of the courtyard.

Photo: Ladislav Bezděk, NPÚ

Another option is to place groups of seats with tables on the lawn. Paved walkways around the lawn are just perfect for tables with catering.

Sala terrena (95 m2) is a part of the courtyard. There is an excellent acoustics and even a small chamber ensemble needs no sound system. The door in sala terrena wall lead to the background room.

In front of sala terrena there is slightly elevated platform that can be used for musicians – in can easily accommodate 80 performers. A stage can also be built on the platform.

Photo: Lucie Matulová,, 2018

The southern part of Ledebour garden parter is formed by so called Gallery of Ledebour palace. This beautiful Gallery (89 m2) has a staircase that leads to the garden, 3 magnificent crystal chandeliers and number of huge windows. This elegant place is ideal for festive boards (up to 64 guests) and any events outside season or during rainy days.

Photo: Lucie Matulová,, 2018

Palffy Garden

Palffy garden with its central fountain is another romantic place where you can have the wedding ceremony. (up to 60 guests)

Photo: Lucie Matulová,, 2018


If you prefer a very private wedding in architecturally interesting surrounding, we can offer you a ceremony in a small Fürstenberg garden with dominant gloriet (max. 15 guests).

Photo: Lucie Matulová,, 2018