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The Gardens spread out over the southern slope under Prague Castle. The gardens were established on the site of vineyards or Renaissance gardens attached to aristocratic palaces. The steep terrain has been refashioned into several terrace levels. The nature of the gardens ranged from pure utility with vineyards and fruit trees, right through to decorative with rich and varied landscaping. The gardens are linked nowadays and their composition makes up a unique garden complex. All of the Palace Gardens have varied architectural decoration, decorative staircases, balustrades, lookout terraces and small pavilions integrally composed with vegetation into picturesque ensembles.

 On the southern slopes leading down from Prague Castle there is a group of gardens formed by 5 palace gardens – the Ledeburg garden, Lesser Pálffy Garden, the Greater Pálffy Garden, the Kolowrat Garden and the Lesser Fürstenberg Garden. All of these gardens are interconnected.

   There are unforgettable views of Prague from the almost 30 garden terraces.