International Day for Monuments and Sites

Special tour

Zahrady pod Pražským hradem

On the International Day for Monuments and Sites the National Heritage Fund will recommemorate historical parks and gardens. The entry to the Gardens below Prague castle will be on April 18th free of charge.

On Sunday 18th of April the Gardens will welcome their visitors from 10am till 6pm during the unique event "International Day for Monuments and Sites." The entry will exceptionally be free of charge in otherwise paid area. It is the first of special events planned for this year. 

The visitors can see the Great Palffy and the Small Fűrstenberg gardens. The other area of the complex is currently under reconstruction.

During their walk the visitors will be brought to different historical periods when the gardens were formed. They can find the remains of gothic fortification, utility gardens that belonged to the renaissance palaces or representative baroque floral parters. The beauty of architecture is followed by natural recesses, the dissected terrain is supplemented by fountains, staircases and gateways, gloriettes or loggias.

The beauty of the Gardens has bewildered many artists, film makers, celebrities and local or foreign guests in the past. Charles, the Prince of Wales was interested in the reconstruction of the Ledebour and Palffy gardens and he even donated.

If you visit the gardens you can also remind yourself an unique Czech comedy "Dinner for Adele" as some unforgettable scenes were filmed in the Gardens. On the upper terrace of the Small Fűrstenberg garden, between the four seasons statues, the felonious earl von Kratzmar was having breakfast with countess Thun right before the unbeatable Nick Carter came along. Followed by a scene where Mr. Kopecký slid the staircase using a silver tray. You can walk that staircase up to the mentioned terrace and enjoy an amazing view of Prague during spring.

In case of bad weather, the Gardens may be closed for necessary period of time due to safety reasons.